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The Amazing Town of Elk Point!!

Elk Point is a close-knit progressive community with a quality of life which is exceptional for a prairie town in size.  It thrives in an area of the state that is booming with stores, industry, schools and so much more.  Elk Point is only around 20 minutes from Sioux City, IA and approximately 15 minutes from Vermillion, SD.  Because it is so close to cities, people in Elk Point get to thrive and enjoy the small-town atmosphere while having all of the luxuries of being in a city!

Elk Point (Click here to go to the the city website) is the county seat of Union County, SD.  As of 2016, the population was 1,851.

Elk Point is part of the Elk Point-Jefferson school system. The elementary, middle and high school are all located in Elk Point on the same campus.

It has been found that the Lewis and Clark Expedition made camp in or near Elk Point on August 22, 1804. Elk Point is proudly part of the Lewis and Clark Trail. The community was incorporated as Elk Point on January 10, 1873.  

Today, the city is home to the Heritage Park and Todd Larsen baseball complex. Elk Point also has attractive and functional recreational facilities including a golf course and community center, swimming pool, Frisbee 18 hole course, extensive bike path and Lewis and Clark Historical site.  

Overall, Elk Point is an amazing place! The small-town atmosphere combined with the proximity to bigger cities makes this a phenomenal place to live.

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